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Who Are We Looking For?

Dickie & Lyman is looking for candidates who have demonstrated ability, diligence, and persistence. We want our students to integrate into our professional team, a team that strives for excellence. We are looking for an ability to serve clients effectively, and to perform complicated legal work. We are looking for students who are creative and open to an innovative practice.

Dickie & Lyman considers many factors in its evaluation process. We look for strong academic performance, but also give considerable weight to experience outside the classroom, including community work, extra curricular activities, paid work, and travel.

Why Us?

Like a big firm, Dickie & Lyman has a student education program, organized education programs in its areas of law, an organized business promotion program, an effective time keeping system, formal performance reviews, regular feedback, and sophisticated management practices.

As a small firm, Dickie & Lyman has a friendly, informal working relationship among all of its members and increased opportunity for students to have client and lawyer contact.

Dickie & Lyman offers bi-weekly firm lunches, student experience in business promotion, the opportunity to learn the real business of the practice of law, high emphasis on skills development, and continuing education for students.

Areas of Practice

          Government Relations & Policy Development
          Landlord & Tenant - Applications, Reviews, and Appeals
          Landlord & Tenant - Rent Control
          Municipal Property Tax & Assessment Law
          Commercial Tenancies

Student Education & Evaluation

Dickie & Lyman provides:

          frequent interaction with all our lawyers
          lawyers who are well acquainted with the articling process
          orientation and training in the firm systems
          formal performance reviews and regular feedback (lawyer to student and               student to lawyer)
          frequent opportunities for informal interaction with lawyers and support               team members
          monthly education sessions on skills development topics, including:
          Professional Responsibility
          Interviewing & Advising
          Planning and Conduct of a Matter
          File and Practice Management
          use of outside courses. Past course opportunities have included courses               on:
          Simplified Procedure
          Property Tax Assessment
          Insurance Law
          Money Laundering Act
          Condominium Law
          Cost Submissions
          Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act            (in Toronto)
          Officers of Parliament (Canadian Parliamentary Study Group)
          Pre-trial Settlement Conferences
          Excelling at Articling
          Oral Advocacy Techniques (This Hour has 22 Judges)
          Small Claims Court Rules
            a Statement of Principles and Methods of Operation to introduce you to our               way of doing business

Articling Support

As an articling student, excessive trips out of the office can take away from your educational experience. Dickie & Lyman employs process servers, messengers, and legal assistants to allow you to focus on the more substantive areas of the practice of law. We also use the latest computer technology, with a robust computer network giving everyone (including the senior lawyers) Westlaw ECarswell, high-speed DSL internet access and personalized e-mail.

Community Involvement

The lawyers at Dickie & Lyman have instructed at the Bar Admission Course, Carleton University, and the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa.

We have written and presented material for the Law Society of Upper Canada, the County of Carleton Law Association, the Ottawa Real Estate Board, the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario, Lorman Educational Services, and the Building Owners and Managers Association (Ottawa).

Our lawyers have been members of numerous City advisory committees and Task Forces, including the City of Ottawa Task Force on Property Assessment and Property Tax Issues.


Landlord & Tenant Law

          Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization (as an organizing and             founding member)
          Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario
          Ottawa Region Landlords Association
          Building Owners and Managers Association (Ottawa)
          Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (as             President)

Municipal Tax Assessment

          Building Owners and Managers Association (Ottawa) Property             Tax Sub-committee (as an organizing and founding member)
          Canadian Property Tax Association


          Canadian Bar Association
          County of Carleton Law Association
          Law Society of Upper Canada
          Ontario Bar Association




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